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PMC Soil Solutions were asked to conduct a significant, large scale investigation for a leading tier one contractor at a railway extension site in the east of the capital. The dual aims of the investigation were to assess the nature and extent of potential contamination at the site within the footprint of the large scale excavation works and to assess the potential impacts upon the waste soils to be removed. The investigation consisted principally of cable percussion borehole drilling.

The site had former mixed industrial uses and the main contaminant found in both soil and groundwater was hydrocarbons. The main contaminant found in soils was asbestos fragments and free fibre but there were also areas of invasive plant species which required specialist treatment.  

The comprehensive investigation concluded in the full assessment of potential risks to future site users and resulted in the identification of cost saving options for the management of waste soils, including optimum excavation methodology and control measures for temporary soil storage on site.

Waste soils generated from the excavation were removed with full Duty of Care compliance and robust waste characterisation information giving the client significant cost savings as, if the previous chemical data had been used, it would have resulted in the over-consignment of the waste to a more costly category.


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