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Hazardous Waste:

Whether it’s initial testing or verifying, enhancing or completing the set of existing test results, PMC Soil Solutions can sample your waste soil and accurately tell you if it is Hazardous or Non Hazardous.

Our fully trained and highly experienced waste consultants will comprehensively characterise the waste soils to provide clear information to maximize your soil resource opportunities. 

Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) Leachate:

We are pleased to advise our clients on the appropriateness and necessity of WAC testing and save unnecessary expense and delays at every opportunity.

Contaminated Land:

From specification testing design, initial testing, supplementary testing or remediation validation and compliance testing, we can cater for all your contaminated land soil testing needs.

Water Testing:

We can undertake groundwater, perched water, tank water and surface water testing so that the risks applicable to your project are known and quantified and can be managed effectively.

Gas Monitoring:

Our comprehensive gas monitoring and testing service has helped our clients rightly reduce costly and over-designed gas protection measures for new buildings.


Whether it’s compliance testing to reuse existing site-won topsoil, suitability testing of topsoil at the source or validation of imported topsoil, PMC Soil Solutions can make sure the topsoil for your site meets all your requirements saving you the pain and expense of doubling handling and non-compliance issues.