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The principal benefit of working with us is that we are able to take a project seamlessly through each phase to completion. In sequence, these stages encompass site investigation and remediation, bulk earthworks, substructure works including drainage and basements, superstructure works, and finally externals and hard landscaping. This means that you are able to sub-let all of these packages to us, which is a far more cost-effective and efficient process than having to liaise with five separate contractors.

All our activities share the same essential goal. To enhance your reputation and to build our business relationship.

We are proud of our exemplary Health and Safety track record, as the minimising of risk is central to the way we do business. That level of protection, and the strength of our contracting business, means we give you greater programme and commercial certainty. We always aim to surpass expectations while meeting contractual and regulator obligations. Working with us, you’ll get the commercial benefit of contracting services that are safer, superior in quality and resolutely low in price.

Our company structure means that we are able to execute contracts and manage the risk profile in a far more effective manner than our competitors. What you’ll get from us are fast, relevant solutions. We specialise in a very select field and control the production process on site so that we never have to rely on external parties in order to progress quickly. Our market knowledge and industry relationships set us apart and represent a valuable asset.

The PMC Group have a much keener appreciation than our competitors of the relationship that exists between the source of the contaminant, how it is tested, the interpretation, reporting and most fundamentally how the waste soil and groundworks’ interfaced operations are managed on site.